A Journey of Questions

“A healthier home makes the Earth smile.”

This has been our line since we started this small shop of ours, but if you think about it, how do you really definite a healthy home? Is it with the food we eat, the things we consume, or by the current health and wellbeing of each individual living in it?

Sustainability truly sparked so much conversations nowadays, especially here in the Philippines and it’s great because we get to see the reality and the effects of each step that we take. However, recently we got to question our main goal for our shop, you see as a small business with a purpose to hold on to, sometimes we ask ourselves if we are still living with our goals or if we are just doing things to live.

When do we know if we are still aligned with the movement that we chose to live in?

This piece is truly just our questions for everyday and for us, this is just an introduction for more pieces to come. For now, here are the topics that we will be discussing in the future and we’d love to hear your thoughts too in the process. And if there are few things that we’ve learned from this journey, those are to always be open-minded as you question things and never fail to help people

Future topics:

  1. A wasteful production
  2. Working with a community
  3. Mental health and sutainability

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